About Us

Nye County has long recognized the need for water resource planning and management. The bill forming the Nye County Water District (NCWD) was approved on June 18, 2007 by the Nevada Legislature pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 2007, Chapter 542, under Selected Special and Local Acts. The bill, also known as the Nye County Water District Act, became effective July 1, 2007.


"Provide, protect and preserve water resources in Nye County."

The NCWD Governing Board has developed this website as one of our efforts to help ensure we keep Nye County residents informed and up-to-date on the work being done to meet our mission. The following topics have been developed, and will continue to be updated as new information is collected.


The NCWD was formed to develop sustainable sources of water vital to long-term economic development, protection of the environment, and the well-being of the residents of Nye County. 


The powers and duties of the Governing Board outlined within Chapter 542 of the Nevada Revised Statutes:

  • Acquire land, water rights, and property of every kind
  • Construct any work for the development, importation, or distribution of the water of the District
  • Incur indebtedness and issue bonds
  • Levy and collect certain taxes

The NCWD is working to:

  • Define alternative approaches for the management of the water resources of the region
  • Define the groundwater and surface water resources conditions
  • Develop a long-term sustainability plan of development for the water resources in Nye County
  • Evaluate and mitigate the environmental impacts associated with resource use

The NCWD service area includes all real property within the boundaries of Nye County, Nevada.

Stay Informed

There are several ways you can follow the actions of the Governing Board of the Nye County Water District. Meeting agendas are posted prior to the public meetings. The meetings can be viewed on the internet, both real-time streaming video and recorded archives, and approved meeting minutes are posted.

For more information please visit the Governing Board Members page and Governing Board Minutes.


Nye County provides broad administrative, legal, and facilities support to water district personnel under an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) approved by the County Commissioners. Support activities are then billed-back against the NCWD budget. 

 Start-up funding for the NCWD was provided through a grant from the Department of Energy to Nye County for the characterization and management of water resources in southern Nye County. 

 For fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018), the water district budget is primarily funded by a county-wide $5 parcel fee on property tax bills for approximately 57,000 taxable parcels. 

Click to view the  Nye County Water District Act