Domestic Wells, Order 1293

Regarding Nevada State Order 1293 

The best place to start is to review the Order issued by the State Engineer (attached for your use), here are a few highlights:

First: A relinquishment of 2 Acre Feet of water rights in good standing will be required for a new domestic well in the Pahrump Basin. Please note: There are parcels (lots/lands) in the Pahrump Basin that have previously had water rights dedicated or relinquished at the time the parcel was created.

To search via APN if a Pahrump (Basin 162) Parcel has relinquished water rights, visit link below.

Nevada Water Rights Mapping Application

Second: Excluded from the Order are;

Any entity that has already relinquished sufficient water rights to serve a domestic well are excepted.

Existing domestic wells requiring replacement are excepted.

Existing domestic wells requiring reconditioning or rehabilitation as defined by NAC 534.188 and 534.189 are excepted.

State Order 1293A

Supreme Court Decision 1293A

Domestic wells are an exception to the formal permitting process, since they have a right granted under Nevada Revised Status (NRS) 534.180 to use the well water in a single family dwelling for culinary and household purposes, including the watering of a family garden, lawn, and domestic animals. 

Domestic wells are, however, limited to a maximum total use of 2 acre feet of groundwater a year; still a very generous allocation amounting to 1,800 gallons a day, every day.

Purchase Water Rights

Other prospective users of water, such as developers of multi-family apartments, residential subdivisions, or commercial/industrial projects are required to own or purchase an adequate quantity of certificated water rights comparable to their projected use. Formal approval of the intended use is then required from the State.

For more information on purchasing water rights, speak to your realtor who will be able to refer you to a seller or water right broker.