Governing Board Members


The Nye County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has appointed seven persons to serve on the Nye County Water District Governing Board. Pursuant to the statutes, “The Governing Board shall be comprised of:
  • One member who is a resident of Beatty or the Amargosa area; 
  • One member who is a resident of the Tonopah area; 
  • Three members who are residents of the Pahrump Valley; 
  • One member who is a resident of the area in Nye County known as Currant Creek or the area known as Smoky Valley; and 
  • One member who is a resident of Nye County, excluding Pahrump Valley.   

A member of the Board or any person related to a member of the Board within the third degree of consanguinty or affinity must not be affiliated with a private utility that is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.

Members of the Governing Board are entitled to receive reasonable compensation plus travel expenses (meals, mileage, and lodging). The Commission has authorized compensation of $80.00 for Governing Board members attending meetings to conduct the business of the District.  Mileage reimbursements shall be made in accordance wit the Federal mileage rate, and meals and lodging reimbursed in accordance with Nye County Policy.

Bylaws of the Governing Board of the Nye County Water District current version was signed and adopted by the Nye County Board of County Commissioners on June 19, 2012.

The Bylaws provide guidance and rules of order in the carrying out of the business of the Governing Board of the Nye County Water District; set forth the actions and behavior required of each Governing Board member and staff; and provide for the ethical behavior of Governing Board members.

The following sections are addressed in the Bylaws:

  • Organization, Purpose, Authority, Jurisdiction, Sub-committees, Board Member Appointments, Fiscal Year 
  • Officers, Duties 
  • Staff, Duties 
  • Ethics of Governing Board Members 
  • Meetings, Hearings, Work Sessions
  • Meeting Notices
  • Conduct of Meetings 
  • Order of Business
  • Records and Documents 
  • Severance Clause 
  • Effective Date

  • Dave Hall, Chairman
    At Large - Any area in Nye County, except Pahrump Valley 
  • William Knecht, Vice-Chairman
    Area 4, Position 2 - Pahrump Valley 
  • Savannah R. Rucker, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Richard W. Carver
    Area 1, Currant Creek / Smoky Valley 


  • Dennis Gaddy
    Area 4, Position 3 - Pahrump Valley Area
  • Helene Williams
    Area 4, Position 1 - Pahrump Valley Area 
  • James C. Weeks
    Area 3, Beatty / Amargosa Valley Area
  • Joe Westerlund
    Area 2, Tonopah Area

   Nye County Water  District Area Map

Nye County Water District Enabling Legislation