Water Level Measurement Program

The Nye County Water District (NCWD) Water Level Measurement Program (WLMP) was established by the Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office (NWRPO) in 1999 to take water level measurements in basins downgradient of Yucca Mountain. The WLMP has collected water levels in the Pahrump, Amargosa, and Beatty areas on a consistent basis for the past 17 years (as of August, 2016). The program was taken over by the NCWD in 2014. WLMP data is subdivided into 3 categories: Early Warning Drilling Program (EWDP), Groundwater Evaluation (GWE), and Private Wells. 

The Early Warning Drilling Program (EWDP) wells- are Nye County owned wells downgradient of Yucca Mountain. The EWDP consists of 38 wells and 58 zones with a total of discrete 77 measurement points. Historical data and information on these wells can be found on the NWRPO website at www.nyecounty.com. 

Groundwater Evaluation wells: There are 16 Nye County owned wells in the Pahrump, Amargosa, and Beatty areas. Historical data and information on these wells can be found on the NWRPO website at www.nyecounty.com.

Private Wells: There are 289 private and domestic wells with 123 being currently measured (as of August, 2016). These wells are located in the Pahrump, Amargosa and Beatty areas. 

The technical data provided for distribution are products of the Nye County Water District and have been collected under the constraints and controls of the Quality Assurance Program Plan. These controls include all QA Program elements necessary to result in valid data.
These technical data are acceptable for general usage. Any restrictions on usage are clearly stated in the accompanying METADATA files.

Current wells being measured: August 9, 2016
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