Groundwater Information Page

2018 Ground Water Management Plan

February 2018 Groundwater Management Plan

Groundwater Management Plan Documents

Pahrump Basin 162 Groundwater Management Plan (PDF), Stage 1, October 2015.

Revised Table 10-4 XLSX

Prepared by Nye County Water District (NCWD) staff and Groundwater Management Plan (GWMP) members.

Pahrump Basin Information

Part I - Introduction through Appendix C (PDF)

Part II - Appendix D through Appendix P   (PDF)

Prepared by Wichman, Oscar for the Nye County Water District, January 2014.

Pahrump Excess Water Dedication Estimate

2017 Water Resources Plan Update (PDF)

Prepared by MaryEllen C. Giampaoli, Environmental Compliance Specialist, April 2017.

Other Resources

Pahrump Groundwater Plan Evaluation (PDF) in regards to identifying projects for preliminary engineering reports.
Prepared by Winkelman, Paul. P.E. and Benedict, Scott, P.E. Shaw Engineering, June 2017.

Estimated Effects of Water Level Declines (PDF) in the Pahrump Valley on water well longevity.
Prepared by Klenke, John. Nye County Water District, January 2017.