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Protecting Water Resources In Nye County
Nye County Water Policy
Nye County Water Resources Plan
Designated Basins in Nye County
Nevada Water Law
Nevada State Water Plan
State/Federal Regulations
Water Policy & Laws
Water resources planning in Nye County must be consistent with Nye County policies and with existing state and federal laws and regulations and any court decrees.  

Nye County has established policies for the management and use of its' water resources. The relevant goals, objectives, and policies established under the Nye County 2011 Comprehensive/Master Plan are presented under Nye County Water Policy. 

If you are interested in learning about Nye County's water resources, water issues, and the County's long-term plan, then read the Nye County Water Resources Plan .  This plan was prepared to serve as a tool to guide the development, management, and use of the County's water resources, and was adopted as an amendment to the 2011 Nye County Comprehensive/Master Plan. 

Nevada Water Law is administered and enforced by the State of Nevada Division of Water Resources (NWDR). Learn about Nevada's codified laws pertaining to the allocation, planning, and management of Nevada's water resources.  The laws include provisions such as: determination of vested water rights; the process to make an application to the State Engineer for a water permit; or use of water for watering livestock. 

The Nevada State Water Plan is a policy and planning guide for Nevada's water resources.  

The state and federal governments have enacted a number of laws, regulations, and directives that govern key environmental issues that must be carefully considered in the planning and development of the Nye County's water resources. State/Federal Laws and Policy include topics such as: the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, water security directives.
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