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Protecting Water Resources In Nye County
Nye County Water Resources Plan
Designated Basins in Nye County
Nevada Water Law
Nevada State Water Plan
State/Federal Regulations
Nye County Water Policy

While Nye County's water resources occur within the boundaries of the County, the County has neither the legal nor regulatory authority to impose constraints on the appropriation or use of these public waters.  This authority resides with the State of Nevada, primarily with the Nevada Division of Water Resources. Furthermore, with 98% of the lands within the county either owned or managed by federal agencies, federal law and policy often must be contended with by both the State and the County. Thus, Nye County only has limited independent statutory authority over some aspects of sewer facilities and the development of master plans, regional plans, and local 


Nevada Revised Statutes
(NRS) Chapter 278 -"Planning and Zoning" requires counties in Nevada to prepare and implement comprehensive, long-term master plans for the physical development of the County. The Nye County 2011 Comprehensive/Master Plan addresses the County's water resources planning goals, objectives, and specific policies.


Master planning by the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission led to the development of the Pahrump Regional Planning District (PRPD) Master Plan in 1999, and its update in 2003. The
2003 Pahrump Regional Planning District Master Plan update chapter on "Water Resources" addresses the quantity and quality of available water, and long-term water resource planning within the PRPD. This planning effort identified the following goals for water resources within the PRPD. Specific objectives and policies are identified in the plan for each of these goals.
  • Conduct a comprehensive scientific evaluation of the quantity of groundwater in the Pahrump Basin to better define the water usage, aquifer recharge situation, and the effects of over-drafting the basin.
  • Water rights will be quantified, investigated, and protected.
  • Understand the potential alternative solutions to future groundwater shortages in the Pahrump Valley, such as importing water. 
Protect the quality of Pahrump Basin groundwater.
  • Protecting water resources in the Pahrump Valley will become a pro-active pursuit for residents and elected officials alike.

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